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Aeromedia Publishing House Ltd.

Aeromedia publishes Russian-language Vzlet magazine with its English-language Take-off supplement as well as exhibition catalogues, booklets, leaflets, etc. Vzlet is an aerospace magazine. It covers main events in modern aerospace industry, Air Force, cosmonautics. The main genres are news coverage, articles and reviews on current situation in aerospace industry, aircraft and spacecraft maintenance and development programmes, interviews with leading news-makers. For more information go to www.take-off.ru.


HALL 1 1099,

Aeromet International Ltd

Aeromet is a leading supplier of aluminium and magnesium castings for Aerospace, Defence and Space OEMs. Now encompassing Stone Foundries, we supply products including fuel connectors, slat cans, engine components, winglets and structural parts. By using our unique high-strength casting capabilities we work with customers to reduce the weight and cost of components. Aeromet uses the proprietary SOPHIA high strength casting process and has developed and patented A20X™, the world’s strongest cast aluminium alloy.


HALL 1 1130,


Our business is the design, production, testing and repair & overhaul of highly complex turbo machinery, motor driven systems and critical high-precision components both in military and in commercial aerospace industries. Focussing on the technology development for next generation electrical machines and electronic control units we achieve low weight, low manufacturing costs and high reliability.


HALL 3 3450,

Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (ASI)

Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (ASI) provides comprehensive mission readiness solutions for military fleets worldwide. Our specialized support for a core group of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft encompasses component systems repair and overhaul, maintenance, aeronautical engineering, supply chain management, replacement parts and logistical support. ASI is AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


HALL 2 2450,

Aeroprobe Corporation

Aeroprobe is a producer of air data and flow measurement systems and instruments that provide real-time air and flow data. Our extensive product line is used in a wide range of industries and applications where precision and efficiency are key.


HALL 3 3270,



HALL 4 4120,


AeroSmart’s mission is to develop and commercialise new generation avionic systems for measuring inertial and air data aerial vehicle’s parameters with all-in-one advanced probe. AeroSmart products embed a patented technology, known as “Smart-ADAHRS”, which enables significant improvement in terms of costs, weight and emission reduction. Today, there are three main ongoing projects: AS100 (target market: UAV/Drones), AS1000 (target market: general aviation and large aircraft) and Smart-EFIS (target market: small aircraft).


HALL 1 1090,

Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH is a leading provider of safety critical embedded components. We design, develop and offer support for customized high-performance embedded solutions in the markets of aerospace and defense.


HALL 4 4820,

Aerospace Futures Alliance

AFA's innovative approach to sector strength and industry growth is forward-thinking. We represent commercial, defense, space and unmanned aerial systems. We connect the supply chain, aerospace related businesses, OEMs, high tech, R&D, government, and training and educational institutions to drive the industry toward continued growth and prosperity. We work one-on-one and in large groups with aerospace businesses and sectors to develop and implement strategies and tactics that drive development and help the industry thrive.


HALL 1 1385,

Aerospace Industrial Maintenance Norway

AIM has played a major role in Norwegian aviation industry since 1916 and offers an operational excellence with extensive MRO knowledge and practices. Our highly professional program leadership and the credibility of a well-established aviation company provides our customers with the highest quality standards and performance.In September 2016 AIM acquired Belgium Engine Center, and together we provide exceptional MRO one stop shop services for the F100 engine.


HALL 2 2125,

Aerospace Knowledge Press

Aerospace Knowledge Press was founded in 1958, publishing periodicals of Aerospace Knowledge, Model Airplanes, Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica and Chinese Journal of Aeronautics,sponsored by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA).Aerospace Knowledge Press has a great influence on Chinese aerospace industry, academic institutions, armed forces and government offices. As the most popular publisher, Aerospace Knowledge Press enjoys a nation-wide prestige, attracting generations of readers in China.


HALL 4 4816,

Aerospace Logistics Ltd (ASL)

ASL is a specialist military stockist and supplier working alongside many of the worlds Air Forces and Navys. Over the years the company has built up an impressive array of fixed/rotary wing spares comprising some 500,000 lines. We have invested heavily in purchasing Ex-OEM equipment for AV-8B, Hawk, Lynx and S61/Sea King. We also carry out in-house repair/overhaul services concerning avionic/electronic equipment and rotable spares.


HALL 2 2518,

Aerospace Maintenance Solutions

Aerospace Maintenance Solutions, LLC uses an AS9110 design and development program to gain repair capabilities on military aircraft: C-130, F-5, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, UH-1, UH-60, CH-47, and other platforms. AS9110 defines our work as Design, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul of Instrumentation, Electrical/Electronic System components, and Mechanical Accessories for the Defense and Commercial Aircraft Industries. AMS is ANAB accredited, ITAR compliant, and Registered through the DDTC for Export Compliance. Contact: bruce@aerospacellc.com


HALL 2 2588,

Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC)

The Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC) is a first of its kind in the region; an industrial research institute led by aerospace OEMs AIRBUS and ROLLS-ROYCE providing focused R&T research projects with clear technology-recipients from industry and possessing well-defined route to market. AMIC has established technical network, comprising of major industrial players, government agencies and academia in order to foster strong collaboration in the research area, to facilitate technology transfer and adoption of innovative design and development by aerospace industries to move Malaysian companies up the value chain.


HALL 3 3140,

Aerospace Manufacturing Corp.

Aerospace Manufacturing Corp., known as AMI, is a manufacturer of high strength, complex, and close tolerance aerospace bolts, screws, pins, studs and threaded rods, as well as build-to-print customer specials. Since 1986, our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to specialize in exotic materials, large and oversize diameters, and critical fasteners.


HALL 2 2586,

Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

Aerospace Manufacturing is a leading B2B publication focusing on the design, production and supply chain of the civil and defence aerospace sectors. Published 10 times each year, it provides news and exclusive features, including incisive comment from industry. Distributed to 16,281 readers throughout Europe, Aerospace Manufacturing’s editorial is a vital source of information for today’s decision makers shaping tomorrow’s aircraft.


HALL 1 1558,


Aerospace Materials Management is a leading Italian aerospace material distributor with a vast inventory of aluminum, titanium, steel and superalloy products in most of the existing forms. The company offers a targeted support and tailored supply chain services plus the constant search for innovative solutions, such as water jet, rough machining, cut to size/cut to shape.


HALL 1 1460,

Aerospace Quality Research and Development MRO/145 LLC


HALL 2 2084,

Aerospace Services SRL

The Aerospace Servicies company performs activities related to the folowing branches in RTD:-Consultancy activities for: a. technical servicies b. scientific serviciesoffered by specialized entities acting into research and technological developing domains-Management of servicies for the aerial research activities-Tests and analysis for the data obtained in the aerial research or other similar.-Consultancy for development and technological transfer regarding the aeronautical research


HALL 3 3505,

Aerospace Technology Institute

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) is at the heart of UK aerospace research and technology. Working collaboratively with Government, industry and the wider UK aerospace ecosystem, the ATI sets the UK's aerospace technology strategy to reflect the sector's ambition. The ATI is backed by a joint Government-industry commitment to invest GBP 3.9 billion in R&T to 2026. The Institute also identifies global opportunities for UK organisations through its international engagement programme.



Aerospace Wales Forum Limited

The trade association for all companies operating in the Aerospace, Defence and Space sectors in Wales. Our aim is to provide the best service to our 170+ members by promoting company capabilities, providing access to global aerospace events, networking opportunities and industry expertise. Aerospace Wales works collaboratively with Welsh Government, industry and academia to ensure a coordinated approach to the development of these sectors in Wales.


HALL 1 1220,

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